Enjoy a sunset hike to Cornet el Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon standing at 3088m.

We start our hike at Daher el Adib with an assent of 250 m (approx.) overviewing the Cedars area. Once we finish our first push, we’ll be hiking a nearly straight trail enjoying the view of endless hills. On our trail, we might meet some bedouins, walk in the middle of sheep herds and encounter some off-road enthusiasts. Our easy part will continue till we reach the Cornet el Sawda hill where we will have an assent of 300 m (approx.).

We will time our peak arrival 20-30 minutes before the sunset to take a break and enjoy a beautiful sunset. After a mesmerizing chill at the top we will head back to our starting point,depending on the date you might be lucky enough to hike back under the moonlight. The hike will be guided by our team, and upon request a car will escort the group along the hike and may be used by participants only in case of injury. Camping is also an option! If you’d like to disconnect and spend the night under the stars, please mention that when contacting us and we can arrange this alongside our hike.


  • Level: Hard
  • Hiking time: 9 Hours
  • Distance: 22.5 KM
  • Please free to contact us for requests, inquiries, and details.