Our bus will drop us near Deir Chamra on the perimeter of Kfardebian, the hike will start with an assent of 150m (approx.) ending with a breathtaking view of the valley. Then we will continue our assent to reach a resting zone. After the assent, a nearly straight trail through the beautiful natural scenes will take us to the old Roman Bridge where we will have a good 10 minutes break. Following our break, we will go back on our track to pass by the wooden bridge, a beautiful river, and old houses where we will enjoy this natural space before

going back to our starting point where the bus will be waiting for us. This hike will include multiple short breaks to enjoy nature and its sceneries. Once done, we will have lunch in Faraya and visit Faqra’s natural bridge at the altitude of 1600 m, sculpted solely by water erosion effect.


  • Level: Easy (short distance)/Moderate (assent)
  • Hiking duration: 4 Hours
  • Hike distance: 8 KM
  • Please free to contact us for requests, inquiries, and details.